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How do you sum up a year on the road? In my case, Badly! 21.07.2006
And so, *sigh*, back to the daily grind 15.07.2006
Wow, Eek, Sob, and hearing about myself 07.07.2006
Stop the clock. They finally actually got married. Sort of. 04.07.2006
Despite all the great times, there had to be a real downer 28.06.2006
Which idiot let the entire Swedish population in? 19.06.2006
2006 Battle of the Arabs 19.06.2006
Welcome to Fan Fest 2006 16.06.2006
A boring bit about being back in Kristianstad 16.06.2006
University celebrations and calm before the home coming 10.06.2006
Returning to Roman alphabets 10.06.2006
Trying to avoid becoming an adopted father... 01.06.2006
The tale of the human Trotskyist 01.06.2006
Back in the mother land 25.05.2006
And relax... Sort of. 24.05.2006
It's getting really, really tight... 18.05.2006
How to get back from the Terracota Warriors, Gelli style 17.05.2006
Dashing through the South of China 17.05.2006
Of weddings, rock stars, job offers and Turkmeni's... 11.05.2006
And so it begins... 08.05.2006
I think somebody is trying to tell me something. B*stard. 04.05.2006
Catching up with an assortment of folks 28.04.2006
Another explosion, and the now inevitable monkey incident 23.04.2006
When hitch hiking goes slightly skewiff... 23.04.2006
Angkor 23.04.2006
From Murray Head to Kim Wilde 17.04.2006
How to get wet for a week solid 17.04.2006
Tight bus security and the return of the drunken urinator... 09.04.2006
Damned, these little Honda's are good fun.... 02.04.2006
Completing the set of famous dead red guys 27.03.2006
Note to Self: Never take any food stuff across any border... 18.03.2006
A trip inland and Uncle Ho's name place 15.03.2006
The bit where it went wrong 15.03.2006
Up, up and Hue? And onwards to the shopping paradise 12.03.2006
Introducing Uncle Ho, snake wine and chili vodka 08.03.2006
Which idiot went and moved the promised land?! 05.03.2006
C-Cha-Cha. C-Cha-Cha. Oooh. Oooh 27.02.2006
The attack of the killer monkeys and a possesed MP3 player 23.02.2006
Welcome to the Year of the Dog 23.02.2006
No crickets and F*ck varrying levels of carbonated water... 27.01.2006
Haggling for sex toys and visiting Jumbo and the Pandas 12.01.2006
Finally, a first taste of Portuguese life. 12.01.2006
Feck me, it's 2006 already. The story of a TP New Year 09.01.2006
Of motorcycles, massage and the luckiest CSer around 09.01.2006
Jul and similar type stuff. Including the delay of the torch 02.01.2006
Mmmmm. Duck. 29.12.2005
Hmmmmm... 12.12.2005
The world of pretty toilets, and a postscript to the wedding 09.12.2005
Of lots of wooden blocks and a recent drugs offence 08.12.2005
This isn't even a real entry as it involves no traveling 30.11.2005
Ah cr*p. How to be arrested for carrying class 'A' Narcotics 25.11.2005
Contradictions. So many contradictions 21.11.2005
Anagrams of imperial cities and that G Walker B chap... 21.11.2005
Running around like a headless chicken, Part 2 21.11.2005
Running around like a headless chicken, Part1... 15.11.2005
Hakodate, of signs and breaking track records 31.10.2005
Hokkaido. Aka, hitching with mad old Japanese people... 20.10.2005
Yellow Paint and Jabba the Hutt 20.10.2005
Early fish and sleeping in a coffin 20.10.2005
Another place of Temples and ramen with the Yakuza 09.10.2005
An astonishing technical marvel and professional rounders... 09.10.2005
UNCOVERED -The worlds biggest coverup. Literally. 24.09.2005
Madame Butterfly 01.09.2005
And amazingly, i actually left! 22.08.2005
It was just one of them days... 22.08.2005
Almost time to leave. I wonder where the heck i'm going?! 16.08.2005
Улан Уде - God damned it, i love that head! 14.08.2005
Boats just don't like me. Confirmed. Plus lots of Poles. 14.08.2005
In search of a womble. A specific one. 13.08.2005
Papa Lenin and the farmers in Tyumen (ТЮМЕНЬ) 13.08.2005
My arse, U2 without relevance to Bono and a trip to Tobolsk 12.08.2005
A general update after 10 weeks 27.07.2005
Chelyabinsk (уепябинск). And relax. 27.07.2005
28 hours is a short time really 27.07.2005
Moscow (москва) 27.07.2005
St. Petersburg, or whatever the heck it's called this month! 27.07.2005
Brief Baltic notes 22.07.2005
Vilnius feat. the adventures of Oleg, and a female penguin 22.07.2005
Vrats-vrov (or some such), Poznan and Warszawa 2 22.07.2005
Warszawa strike 1, and Krakow Owiecim-Brzezinka 22.07.2005
Dracula 2, Sombrero lovin & a brief encounter with Magyars 22.07.2005
Dracula 1 and the #4 bus in Brasov... 22.07.2005
My leg hurts... 06.07.2005
Serbia and Bulgaria 05.07.2005
Herzogovina, Bosnia and Srpskan Republic 21.06.2005
Part 3 of a.... You know what i mean by now. 20.06.2005
part 2 of what should have been a 1 parter. 15.06.2005
A month late, and no pics, but it's a start. 15.06.2005